Auto Services include Foreign and Domestic Vehicles including Light & Heavy Duty  Trucks.

Ensure your suspension, alignment and steering are working their best with our car and heavy-duty coil spring, suspension system, and steering alignment inspections and repairs. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call McFarland Spring Corp. in Portland, ME today 207-797-6271.

Brakes, Suspension, Alignments, Diagnostics and Inspections

What Are Common Suspension Problems?

  • Poor Wheel Alignment
  • Worn Out Shock Absorbers/Your Vehicle Bounces and Shaking on Bumpy Roads
  • Struts Make A Knocking Sound When Going Over Bumps and Potholes 
  • Broken or Sagging Springs
  • Balls Joints Squeak or Creak When Turning
  • Worn Out Control Arms

6 Signs Your Vehicle Needs Suspension Repairs:

  1. Vehicle Rides Rough/You Can Feel Every Bump In The Road
  2. Drifting or Pulling While Turning
  3. Nose Dives or Dips When Stopping
  4. Tire Treads are Uneven
  5. Oily or Damaged Shocks
  6. Your Car Fails The “Bounce Test”